Caulking & Waterproofing

Water damage can occur through newly formed cracks or openings on your building's exterior.  Let us protect your investment by completely restoring your waterproofing system.  Our exprienced crew will carefully remove the old material and prepare all surfaces.  Once the areas are prepared, we can apply either new caulk, epoxy injections, sealants, elastomeric coatings, or other waterproofing materials to your building.

Should your project require specialized work our painters are trained to operate and set up boom lifts, bosun's chairs, pressure washers, sand blasters, scaffolding and swing stages.  Safety on site is also a priority and we guarantee that a safety plan is in place and followed.  Our painters are trained in fall protection, ladder safety, and WHIMS.  At all of our work sites, we have at least one employee trained in first aid as per WCB regulations.



Tarts Bakery

We completed the interior repaint of Tart's Bakery on Broadway for their grand opening in 2012. ...

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Studio Warehouse

We completed the interior repaint of this studio warehouse during the spring of 2008. ...

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East Vancouver Home #2

We completed the exterior repaint of this East Vancouver home during the summer of 2008. ...

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