Vanguard Painting Exterior Painting Services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Exterior Painting

No matter what the exterior of your commercial, industrial or multi-residential buildings — whether wood, metal or concrete — proper maintenance and painting will protect them from the damaging effects of the elements. Exterior painting for larger commercial, industrial or multi-residential projects requires a unique skill set and specialized equipment. Established in 1998, Vanguard Painting has years of experience planning and executing large scale exterior painting projects in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland to fit within the specific needs of our clients.

Exterior Painting in Vancouver is Important

Painting the exterior of your building is necessary to protect the surface against the damaging effects of rain, the sun’s ultraviolet rays or corrosive industrial or natural chemicals. Paint can even provide a level of insulation against extreme temperature differences.

Exterior painting is essential to preserve the exterior surfaces and even the structural integrity of your building, including:

Durable and cost-efficient, we can apply epoxy flooring to multiple surface types, making it the perfect choice for commercial and industrial applications.

  • Protection against the elements and even pests
  • Protection against corrosion ensures structural safety
  • Repair of wear and tear damage in high traffic areas
  • Protects your investment
  • Can increase traffic to your commercial establishment
  • Helps brand your business and give it a facelift
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Exterior Painting and Commercial Buildings

Vanguard Painting has ample experience painting the exteriors of a wide range of complexes ranging from standalone structures to expansive buildings stretching over city blocks. We have worked on shopping malls, tilt-ups, warehouses, small businesses, office complexes, hospitals, arenas, schools and many other property types and structures. Not only will painting protect your building against the elements, it can help increase your traffic and well-being of your employees as well! Our team is well-versed at scheduling our work to fit around your regular business hours because we recognize the value of minimizing disruptions to your work activities.

Preparation is Essential for Exterior Painting Projects

The proper preparation for exterior painting is critical to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the paint job. Preparation also gives the workman the opportunity to assess the condition of the surfaces to see if there are any other problems that may need to be addressed.

Because exterior painting needs to be accomplished during dry weather — maybe 4 or 5 months in Vancouver — much of the logistical and preparatory planning for exterior painting projects is carried out in the off season. Exterior painting isn’t a spur of the moment type of project!

Preparation starts with the removal of loose paint, dirt, grease, mildew and mold from the paintable surfaces utilizing the most appropriate method whether that be pressure washing, power washing, steam cleaning, hand washing, or other methods. Tenting, masking and drop cloths ensures the paint goes only where it is supposed to and not onto neighbouring buildings or cars. In some instances, traffic may need to be re-routed.

Vanguard Painting is Equipped & Experienced for Complex Exterior Painting Projects

Vanguard Painting is equipped and experienced to handle all exterior painting services throughout Metro Vancouver. Our professional painters can operate and set up boom lifts, pressure washers, scaffolding, swing stages, bosun’s chairs, and more. Our crews are trained in fall protection, aerial lift operation, rope access, ladder safety, and WHMIS, and all of our work sites have at least one employee trained in first aid per WCB regulations. Our exterior painting jobs are expertly executed, and we always use the most effective methods and equipment. 

Our painters utilize high-quality industrial-grade materials and paints, using the latest-generation coatings, such as oil-based and latex paints, epoxies and multi-part epoxies, direct-to-rust coatings, elastomeric, safety paints, traffic paints, high-adhesion coatings, specialty coatings, industrial enamels, urethanes and polyurethanes, drywall paints, non-slip coatings, low-emission coatings, and more. 

We’ll help you find the right solution

Whether your building is an aluminum-clad high-rise tower, a shop with wood siding, a concrete block warehouse or a metal holding tank, Vanguard Painting is experienced and well-equipped to handle all commercial, industrial and multi-residential exterior painting in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Call us today to get started!

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"We recently contracted Vanguard to paint our interior offices and production facility and are extremely pleased with the results. As a marketing services company, it was critical that the finished product look spotless. Vanguard helped us choose the right paint for the job in order to get the look we wanted and stay on budget. They also made suggestions along the way and were very flexible in accommodating our requests. I would highly recommend Vanguard Painting. Quentin and his crew are not only professional – they’re great guys who cleaned up at the end of each day, were always polite, and completed the work on time."

- Jag Sangha

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Vanguard Painting for several years… I feel very confident in recommending Vanguard Painting for any job, big or small, in new construction or repainting, interior or exterior. Quentin, Michael, Josh and all the crews are true professionals… They follow proper painting practices. They look for good technical recommendations and follow through on them. Vanguard crews are much more experienced and trained then most crews I have seen. On a personal note they are honest and genuine, and are great to work with."

- Greg Bertram

"The British Columbia Transplant Society recently contracted with Vanguard Painting to repaint our entire office, including patient exam rooms, patient waiting room and patient washrooms… We were very pleased with the Vanguard team. Everyone we dealt with was pleasant, efficient and they did exactly what they said they were going do, when they said they would do it. We would definitely recommend Vanguard as well as use them again ourselves."

- Bill Barrable