Multi-Residential Painters in the Lower Mainland

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Multi-Residential/Strata Painters in the Lower Mainland

Vanguard Painting has been around since 1998, performing commercial, industrial, and residential painting services throughout the Vancouver, BC area. We specialize in painting multi-unit strata complexes, and our projects range from low-rise and high-rise building complexes from towers and townhouses. We assist self-managed strata councils, housing co-ops, and property manager-managed strata complexes; no strata is too big or small for our team to handle. 

What’s more, we have a high-angle production crew with over 15 years of experience in case your building can’t be accessed by boom lift or ladder from the ground, and instead needs a team to scale the building by bosun’s chair or swing stage.

Affordable Local Strata Painting Services

If your project requires specialized work, our painters have training and experience setting up and operating pressure washers, scaffolding, swing stages, boom lifts, and bosun’s chairs. We make onsite safety a priority and put a formal safety plan in place that our team follows. Our painters are trained in WHMIS, ladder safety, and fall protection, and we always have at least one employee trained in first aid at every worksite, as per WCB regulations.

Who We Serve with Strata Painting & Management

Every client gets five-star customer service and results from Vanguard Painting’s professional team. Major painting projects are a routine reality for property managers, and we’re proud to be at the top of the call list for several of the Lower Mainland’s top property management companies. 

We work with property managers, maintenance managers, strata councils, and other building authorities to enhance their property’s beauty. We also specialize in all the following types:

  • Townhouse Complexes – Every unit within a townhouse complex deserves our focused attention and excellent workmanship. We treat each townhome with the same diligence we provide to million-dollar waterfront homes.
  • Strata Painting – Strata painting is more complicated than regular residential painting projects. It requires different equipment and skillsets to complete the job, which our team is trained and experienced in performing. For example, we use specialized equipment like boom lifts, swing stages, or bosun’s chairs to paint larger buildings of significant heights.
  • Rental Apartments – Apartment complexes and buildings need to make their properties attractive to prospective renters and livable for their current tenants. A fresh coat of paint adds curb appeal to apartments and keeps the property presentable. Our team carefully paints buildings to match the owners’ and managers’ preferences.
  • Low-Rise and High-Rise Buildings – Whether your building is a six-floor walk-up or a towering high-rise downtown condominium, you need a painting crew with experience specific to these buildings. We have decades of training in projects involving low-rise and high-rise buildings throughout the Lower Mainland.

Reasons to Choose Us for Residential Painting

Our decades of industry expertise and portfolio of projects show how we bring professionalism and stellar results to every project we take on in the Lower Mainland. We stay up to date with our WCB coverage and liability insurance to protect our employees and safeguard your property from various mishaps. With coverage in place, we also practice onsite safety with special training to assist our painters in safely working on ladders, scaffolding, boom lifts, bosun’s chairs, and swing stages.  Our clients trust us to provide consistent quality paired with outstanding customer service, making their project with Vanguard Painting a resoundingly successful experience.

Reach Out to Vanguard Painting in Vancouver, BC

Hiring a poorly trained or apathetic painting company for your apartment building’s upkeep can result in a subpar result and can give your prospective and current tenants a lousy impression of your property. Further, attempting to manage your painting projects yourself can consume an enormous amount of time and can often lead to employing a new group of painters to fix the mistakes of the first group.  

Save yourself from the financial burden and stress of cutting corners. Vanguard Painting makes multi-residential/strata painting affordable, and we always work hard to produce the best possible results. If you have questions about our services or would like to schedule painting at your property, contact us today to book an estimate.

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