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Industrial Painting

Painting Professionals for Your Industrial Projects

If you need a trusted and experienced industrial painter in Vancouver, BC, Vanguard Painting is ready to get to work for you. We offer all types of industrial painting projects, including factories, industrial complexes, holding tanks, tilt-ups, grain elevators, warehouses, sports complexes like Rogers Arena, staircases, catwalks, & handrails, and structural steel preparation and repainting. All our industrial painting contractors have years of experience and use various methods to plan and prepare your project to meet your needs. Typically we operate on a fixed price basis, however, we can also make our employees available on an hourly basis for maintenance-related work, if desired. Learn more about our industrial painting service and get in touch with us to book your estimate.

Professional Painters for the Commercial Industry

You don’t want just anyone working on your industrial or commercial painting project. Our experienced professional industrial painting company handles both large and small industrial painting projects. We offer a wide range of services for both interior and exterior industrial painting projects. You can rely on us for your plants, factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses or storage facilities, metal Q-deck ceilings in factories, machinery, and equipment, industrial buildings and units, stamping presses or injection molders, concrete floor coatings, metal siding and roofs, storage tanks or silos, metal or steel-clad buildings, floor lines and markings, pedestrian safety walkways, steel structures, cranes, bridges, smokestacks or high-heat stacks, chemical processing plants or refineries, water and sewage treatment plants, and much more. We also prepare and refinish most industrial surfaces, including concrete floors, ceilings, walls, corrugated steel panels, siding, paneling, cladding, epoxy floors, storage tanks and linings, and more.

Equipped & Experienced for All Industrial Jobs

Our industrial painting company is equipped and experienced to handle all industrial painting services throughout Metro Vancouver. Our professional painters can operate and set up boom lifts, pressure washers, scaffolding, swing stages, bosun’s chairs, and more. Our crews are trained in fall protection, ladder safety, and WHMIS, and all of our work sites have at least one employee trained in first aid per WCB regulations. Our industrial painting jobs are expertly executed, and we always use the most effective methods and equipment. We start with proper surface preparation, utilizing the most appropriate method whether that be pressure washing, power washing, steam cleaning, hand washing, or other methods.

Our painters utilize high-quality industrial-grade materials and paints, using the latest-generation coatings, such as oil-based and latex paints, epoxies and multi-part epoxies, direct-to-rust coatings, elastomerics, safety paints, traffic paints, high-adhesion coatings, specialty coatings, industrial enamels, urethanes and polyurethanes, drywall paints, non-slip coatings, low-emission coatings, and more. Some of the industries we have serviced include power stations, food preparation, wastewater treatment plants, chemical processing, laboratories, manufacturing plants, petroleum processing, and more.

Your Full-Service Industrial Painters

If your factory, warehouse, or industrial manufacturing facility requires a thorough cleaning and a sparkling new paint job, you need one of the trusted industrial painting companies like Vanguard Painting. Our professionals can boost your ambient lighting without increasing energy costs or apply an epoxy floor coating to your warehouse or industrial building. We maintain the workforce and equipment needed to provide industrial painting services, including large-scale projects. Steel and its alloys are commonly used in industrial facilities and are susceptible to corrosion within a volatile working environment. Our industrial painting services can protect them from the elements while maintaining their structural integrity. Our painters would like to help you get started with a free estimate. Contact us today.

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This was one of the last exterior painting jobs of the 2015 exterior season. You are looking at Unifiller’s busy manufacturing hall in Delta. First the building was pressure washed. The crew scrubbed down any mildew that was present and thoroughly ...

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