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Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring is a beautiful and durable finish for a showroom, a warehouse, a parkade, or other commercial area.  These types of coatings can add years of service life to most commercial locations because of their durability and scratch resistance. They continue to evolve at a rapid pace and are constantly growing in popularity with our clients.  Our estimators are happy to provide a detailed specification for your flooring needs and our applicators are well versed in the stripping, coating or refinishing of concrete or metal flooring, covering a wide range of epoxy products. 

Should your project require specialized work our painters are trained to operate and set up boom lifts, bosun's chairs, pressure washers, sand blasters, scaffolding and swing stages.  Safety on site is also a priority and we guarantee that a safety plan is in place and followed.  Our painters are trained in fall protection, ladder safety, and WHIMS.  At all of our work sites, we have at least one employee trained in first aid as per WCB regulations.



Lee Valley Tools (Coquitlam)

We completed the exterior repaint of the Lee Valley Tools store in 2012.  They were so satisfied with our craftsmanship that we also repainted their Vancouver store location as well. ...

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BC Hydro

We completed the exterior and interior repaint of the BC Hydro office building during the summer of 2008. ...

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Land Titles Office Building (New Westminster)

We completed the exterior repaint of the Land Titles Office Building during the summer of 2009. ...

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