Benefits of the Employee-Based Labour Model

You Won’t Get Sub-Contractors with Vanguard Painting

Vanguard Painting is a family-owned and operated business, offering professional painting services for residential and commercial clients in the Greater Vancouver area. Since 1998, we have provided reliable and honest services that have received excellent reviews from our customers and established us as one of the most trusted painting companies in the area.

We’ve built our reputation by using an employee-based labour model, to ensure you’ll never have a sub-contractor on your property to perform our work. Contact us to schedule an estimate today.

What Is an Employee-Based Labour Model?

If you’re not familiar with an employee-based labour model, it means that we only use in-house painters on our payroll who are employed by Vanguard Painting to complete work on your property. We do not use or hire any outside companies or contractors to perform the work we bid on or are hired to perform. We will also never sell your job to someone else.

Why Is Employee-Based Labour Important?

If you’re accepting bids on a residential or commercial painting project, the company submitting the proposal should be able to tell you exactly what they’ll do, the materials they’ll use, and the timeframe in which they will complete the work. Understanding these facts assures you that you’re getting what you’re paying for. However, what happens if a business sells your job to a sub-contractor? You’ll likely not end up getting the job you’re writing a check for. Jobs sold to sub-contractors are often done so at a fraction of what the initial estimate is quoted. On top of that, sub-contractors have to supply their own materials and will likely use lower quality paint to save money than what you’re expecting.

Are They Really Painters?

Sub-contractors that don’t specialize in commercial or residential painting are not adequately trained or knowledgeable about proper techniques for the best and longest-lasting paint job. The last thing you want to do after paying for painting services is spend money to hire another company to redo the job because the first one didn’t last. A labourer who is a jack of all trades, and goes from job to job, regardless of the profession, might be handy to help out on a small job, but their inexperience can be costly.

Employee Accountability on Every Job

Another problem with businesses who pose as painting companies but use sub-contractors for the work is that they have very little influence or command of the people on the job. Once the project is sub-contracted out, ownership of it goes to the sub-contractors. Work ethic, quality standards, and pride in the finished product suffer because they are simply hired to complete a quick job at a reduced price. At Vanguard Painting, we are empowered to uphold each and every one of our employees to the high standards we set and promise to every customer.

Key Benefits to Hiring Vanguard Painting

When you’re requesting estimates for any commercial or residential painting services, there are some questions you should ask the company beyond the price of the job. Liability and workers’ compensation coverage, warranties, and experience are all vital pieces of information to learn about the business. Sadly, it’s common practice for bidders to pose as a painting company when they show up to give an estimate, but in reality, they are bidding on your project with the intention of selling the job to a sub-contractor. You can be confident that we will never sell your job to a third party and have peace of mind knowing:  

  • Our employees care about representing our company professionally
  • When Vanguard Painting is successful, our employees are successful
  • What you’re paying for with our written estimates
  • The majority of your cost goes directly into the professional job
  • Most of our employees have a minimum of 5 years of experience
  • We provide references and customer reviews
  • Our company is protected with liability coverage
  • Vanguard Painting is up to date with our WorkSafe BC (WCB coverage)
  • We offer multi-year warranties

Enjoy the Advantages of Our Employee-Based Labour

At Vanguard Painting in Greater Vancouver, BC, we provide painting services with a balance between price, quality, and service. Our goal is to offer flexibility to meet your needs within your budget. Our work comes with multi-year warranties, and our company is current with liability and WCB coverage for our customers’ and employees’ protection. With our employee-based labour model, you’re guaranteed to have staff from Vanguard Painting perform all of the work on your property with absolutely no sub-contractors. We take care of our employees, so they take care of you! Contact us today to schedule an estimate.