Tic tac tic tac.. BLOOM

If I wasn’t a keen snowboarder, I would be all Wow, what an awesome winter! And the weather really has been great! Looking out of the window at the beautiful sunny slopes of Grouse mountain with those sad patches of old snow, I am trying to get over myself and focus on the bright side.. with the weather being the way it is, pretty soon we will get to do what we do best here at Vanguard. Move outside to paint ☺ Not that we don’t enjoy interior painting jobs. In fact, I’ll be back with some pictures of what we have been up to all winter pretty soon. We just really enjoy rising to the occasion and kicking … on exterior painting of any kind.

So please, wait no longer! We are rolling up our sleeves. We are ready. Whether it is just a piece of advice, a request for a free exterior painting quote, or you just want to chat with someone really nice ☺ give us a call or use this convenient online form to contact us. Otherwise, there is a lot of vitamin D out there for you. Go get it!