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Condex Property Management

Condex Property Management LTD is a licensed real estate provider in Vancouver, BC.  We are a boutique company offering hands on management services to strata corporations.  We engage and hire trades and services and on behalf of our clients we look for excellent service at a good price.  Additionally, for our own sake, we look for a company that delivers problem free service because trouble just makes more work for us.
We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Vanguard Painting LTD on large and less-than-large jobs and we’ve found the quality of their painting to be very high, their site management skills to be excellent (we find this is a critical and important skill), and their ability to deal with our clients’ complaints very responsive.
I would highly recommend them to you (as long as you don’t use them when I need them).

Michael Van Lane
Strata Property Manager
Condex Property Management LTD