Vanguard team

Still dealing with issues from subcontractors

At Vanguard Painting we firmly believe in our employee based model.  This wasn’t always the case though. In 2008 we switched to a 100% employee based business model due to all the issues that came along with subcontractors.  In fact to this very day we still get the occasional call from previous clients who has issues that need fixing due to subcontracted work.

There are numerous benefits to having employees work on your home compared to subcontractors or independent contractors.  The first is reliability.  At Vanguard  Painting we know that you have a busy schedule so when you say you need someone there at 8:00am we will be there.  Our employees have consequences for being late or not showing up while subcontractors do not.  At Vanguard we have an office staff to support our painting crews that an independent contractor wouldn’t typically have.  This ensures our jobs stay organized and on schedule which means no delays or canceled jobs.  Subcontractors and independent contractors can also be unreliable since there is no backup in case they get sick or injured.  With employees on the job site, if a painter is sick or injured a replacement can be there shortly to keep your job on schedule.

We do as much as we can to create a safe work environment and ensure all our liability insurance and WCB coverage is up to date.  At Vanguard we will never sacrifice safety to increase profitability. We know that if something goes wrong and there was an uninsured worker on your property there could be millions of dollars in liabilities.

The next benefit we can offer due to using employees is our work guarantee.  Vanguard Painting offers one of the industry’s longest guarantee periods of up to 5 years depending on the scope of the project.  This ensures you get the quality that you paid for and need not worry about future issues.  With employees we can generally have someone out for a warranty issue much faster than a contractor would be able to.  If a contractor even offers a guarantee it is generally for a much shorter period of time.  This is because a subcontractor needs to use their own unpaid time in order to fix the problem.  This can lead to them either not honoring their guarantees or delaying your issues for unacceptable periods of time.

So the next time you are thinking about having some painting done keep these things in mind and your project should go smoothly.