Vanguard at work

Mountain View Project

We have started off another summer season strong.  We recently completed an exterior multi-residential job in Port Coquitlam that we have been working on since 2011.  This was a multi-phase project which many strata councils prefer as it allows them to spread out the cost of a larger project and lessen the effect on their annual budget.  Our clients are able to request multi-phase projects since Vanguard Painting is such an established business, being around for over 15 years.  Our customers know that we will always return to finish the projects we start with no subcontracting.

We painted 145 townhouse units at this job.  We are one of the few companies in the GVRD that can handle a job of this size and with this timeline of completion.  We used a variety of tools in combination with our expertise to ensure the job was completed on schedule and to the highest degree of customer satisfaction.  Check out some of the pictures below and see for yourself why the Vanguard team are the people who you should be calling for your next painting project.