Change heroes

Change Heroes

We at Vanguard Painting are always looking for new ways to make positive contributions within our community.  We often show our support of local charitys and social ventures by providing painting services to them at little or no cost.  So if you are the owner or trustee of a charitable foundation and need some painting work done give us a call today.

We recently completed some work for Change Heroes which is a social enterprise dedicated to funding community projects in some of the poorest regions in the world.  It does this by using unique crowd funding efforts that go directly towards community projects of your choice.  These projects are called Mingas after Mink’a which is a word used in the Andes to describe when a community comes togeather to work for their overall benifit and not individual gain.  If you would like to learn more about their company or how to get involved in their efforts you can visit their website here. 

So remember that when you do a job with Vanguard Painting you don’t just get a premium paint job but you are also supporting a slew of local charitys and community projects!