Food Donation

Food Donation to Covenant House-Christmas 2016

The BC Covenant House provides assistance to underprivileged BC youth, and Vanguard Painting strongly believes in giving back to the community we all live in. This Christmas has been the second-time Vanguard delivers food donation. Hope all of the youth around the world could have a warm Christmas!


U-Haul Exterior

This time we would like to tell you about the work we did on the exterior of U-Haul buildings in Delta. U-Haul is our dear client and since we painted the exterior of their buildings before we knew this would not be easy. This is a very difficult job due to the use of patterns which required extensive stenciling and precision measurements. The buildings were first pressure washed and then painted. We think it all turned out pretty well. Have a look for yourself.

Main Pic.jpg

Floors at Canada Place

The floors at Canada Place Cruise ship terminal is a job we look forward to every year. The cruise ship terminal is a heavy traffic area and the client likes keeping it looking sharp.  We have been going back every spring for at least the last six years. What’s not to love about a good quality, shiny epoxy floor? Just have a look at the pictures..

Rogers Arena Building Front

Rogers Arena Exterior

Here’s another beauty from our commercial portfolio. This job was completed in October 2015. Even though Vanguard has been continuously working inside the Rogers Arena, being able to work on the exterior again brings back a lot of good memories.

After the big red Rogers Arena sign was removed, there were 180 metal panels to be cleaned and sprayed. Our painters worked from a swing stage and did an excellent job.


Food Drive for the Covenant House

This one is to say big thank you!
Thanks to all of you good souls for your generous food donations! As promised, on Friday Dec 11, we made a big delivery to the Covenant House downtown. We have a nice Christmas dinner planned for these guys. Pretty much all our employees chipped in, as well as many of our business partners and friends. It was wonderful to see a few bags of food turn into big piles. So, that was our mission for this Holiday Season. Check!

Again, thank you everyone for your generosity! If you would like to make your own donation to the kids and young adults at the Covenant House, please donate here.

Food Drive 2015 Flyer Final jpeg.jpg

Vanguard Painting Food Drive 2015

We at Vanguard Painting are always looking for ways to give back to the community.  This year we decided to work with the Covenant House Vancouver.  They provide a safe and nourishing environment for homeless youth to get back on their feet.  To help we decided to run a food drive to help provide food for the winter season.  We are accepting food donations from now until December 11th 2015.  If you would like to help us out with our cause please drop off your donations to our office or give us a call and we will come pick up your contribution.

9124 Eagle Ridge 1.jpg

2015 Exterior Season

We know it’s been a dry year. We can’t complain about the window for exterior painting this gives us though. This Coquitlam townhouse complex kept Sean’s crew busy in spring 2015. At Eagle Ridge Court there are over 30 townhouses that needed a complete exterior repaint. Every year we do a few inspected jobs and this was one of them. It was inspected by Inspec consulting services. Complete buildings were washed with algae treatment and all wood siding and trim was painted. The strata is happy – our job here is done.
Are you still considering exterior painting this season? It’s not too late. Click here to send us a quote request.

Tic tac tic tac.. BLOOM

If I wasn’t a keen snowboarder, I would be all Wow, what an awesome winter! And the weather really has been great! Looking out of the window at the beautiful sunny slopes of Grouse mountain with those sad patches of old snow, I am trying to get over myself and focus on the bright side.. with the weather being the way it is, pretty soon we will get to do what we do best here at Vanguard. Move outside to paint ☺ Not that we don’t enjoy interior painting jobs. In fact, I’ll be back with some pictures of what we have been up to all winter pretty soon. We just really enjoy rising to the occasion and kicking … on exterior painting of any kind.

So please, wait no longer! We are rolling up our sleeves. We are ready. Whether it is just a piece of advice, a request for a free exterior painting quote, or you just want to chat with someone really nice ☺ give us a call or use this convenient online form to contact us. Otherwise, there is a lot of vitamin D out there for you. Go get it!

Int Village 4.jpg

International Village

Vanguard Painting has completed yet another complicated painting project this summer.  This is the second time we have been contracted to paint this building since we did such an awesome job the first time.  The International Village previously known as Tinsel Town involved many challenges in painting it.  We needed to plan boson chair drops into complicated areas, paint around fragile glass features, and dealt with city regulations and permits.  Overall the project was a great success and completed without any issues.  We hope that Vanguard Painting continues to be their first choice for all their future painting projects as well as yours!